We tried it.. and we loved it!

The Pink Fox girls love to try out new products (as long as they don't bring us out in a rash!) Every week we will feature a new product that we've tried and tested and give you our honest opinion. If we think it's great then we will share it with you by offering it in our Pink Fox subscription box.



Well what can I say about the Lime Crime Perlees? If you're a lipstick lover like me then this lipstick is an absolute 'must have', firstly the packaging is gorgeous and will look fab on your makeup table, but my love for Lime Crime goes much further than just their packaging.

The colours are all amazing and glides on so smoothly, I put a couple of layers on just to give the colour some added punch and it stayed on all day, several cups of coffee, lunch and one glass of wine later and it was still on, yes I only had one glass! The sheer purless of the lipstick is so nice and I even got a couple of compliments today and believe me that doesn't happen every day, so I'll definitely be wearing my Lime Crime Perless again tomorrow!

This Fabby product will feature in our December Pink Fox subscription box. Give it a try and let us know what you think, we're sure you'll love it just as much as we do!.